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Natural Sleep Aids; What You Should Know

Sleep and wakefulness is an essential part of survival; you need to sleep after a very long day at work or when you are just at home working from home. The sleep episode is a long one which contains episodes of Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and a single episode of NREM (Non-Rapid Eye Movement). The longest is usually the non-rapid eye movement where you cannot have a hold of what is in your environment or, in other words, you cannot keep a memory of what is going on in your environment. To sleep is to become healthy; you have to sleep to be refreshed. The consequences of not having a good sleep can range from headache to an exhausted feeling where you would just be thinking of lying down always.

It is not unusual or, commonly,several individuals cannot climb into their bed and have a sound sleep. It has affected their living in many ways when they stay awake all night and still have to do one thing or the other during the day. The term ‘insomnia’ is the term for when you suffer such (inability to sleep). Many clinical consequences can be attached to insomnia, and one of them is high blood pressure, which is one of the most prevalent chronic conditions. If you don’t get adequate sleep often, then your blood pressure would increase. The next step most people take is meeting with medical doctors to narrate their conditions. After an actual diagnosis, physicians would prescribe sleeping pills starting from over the counter drugs, and if need be, they might have to switch to the prescription-only medicines.

Without a doubt, sleeping pills, also referred to as hypnotics, serve their function, and they range from short-acting, intermediate to long-acting ones. It defines their timing as to when they clear off from the body system. Especially for the ones with a very short onset of action, you would always want to use them for insomnia due to their fast action. They allow you to forget what is perpetrating insomnia. It is essential to identify the cause and tackle it accordingly. You could place the culprit and try to remove it. Your sleeping environment has to be quiet, with no lightening (it has to be dark), or in cases when you like to have a light on, you can consider other types of light but not blue light. There has always been a misconception about blue light that it aids sleepiness, and to be honest, it does not.

However, suppose all efforts have been channeled towards identifying the cause of your insomnia. In that case, you are still left with no clue that you might need to patronize medications to allow you to have an excellent night’s rest. It should be known that sleeping pills or hypnotics do not correct insomnia. By knowing this, it would be like using an analgesic without finding the trigger of the pain. There has been a lot of condemnation or, let us call it, advice against the use of sleeping pills. It has been tied to the side effect that these drugs come with and the fact that they could reduce deep sleep duration.

There is good news, and they have been found in the world of supplements. They are also referred to as Natural sleep aids; it is a loose term covering dietary supplements, melatonin, plant extracts, and other related products. Naturally, melatonin is a hormone found in the human system, especially when the sunsets. That is when the concentration rises. Examples of Natural Aids would be briefed later on.


Naturally, it exists as a hormone in the human body. Still, due to its relevance in sleepiness, it has been developed into a sleeping aid that can be taken to correct insomnia. Whenever you take melatonin, you are supplementing what is not enough in your system. Places you can find melatonin are pharmacies and other stores that deal with supplements.


Some plants with individual constituents are capable of inducing sleep, and their efficacy has never been doubted. Few examples include chamomile, lime-flower, orange blossom, etc.

Essential Oils

Essential oils have been found to induce sleepiness; they come in a formulation that allows adherence. The form they exist is a spray, which will enable them to be sprayed. Other examples include herbal infusions